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  If you're looking for someone with a body to die for, who is different, then look no further. I am The Perfect Sexy Twist to the average Girl Next Door. I love to flirt and tease and will have a smile and laughter our entire time together.


In describing myself, I stand 5 ft 4 inches with an all natural slender figure, long, straight, can't help but run your fingers through, blonde hair. Catch my eyes in the sunlight they’ll shine so bright, and by night they’ll have pierced your soul. 


I have this hunger in my eyes that will make you lose control But just as you're about too, I'll slow it down and make you last. I secretly love making a man slip out of reality into my fantasy even if for a few moments... you are mine, and I am yours... 


You will never not have a great fun sexy time. I am known for being very bubbly and giggly so if you’re looking for a serious time you may want to contact another. 




Brandi Olson

When contacting me please start with my quick Date/Screening profile located in the menu sidebar. 



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Twitter @Brandiolson69 

Instagram @brandiolson69

YouTube Brandi Xoxo


[email protected]



*Please no phone calls, I have found it is much easier as well as more discreet to email and or text. To hear my voice visit one of the above social media platforms and you will find many videos with my voice. 


Name: Brandi Olson
Sex: Female
Sex Preference: Straight
Body Type: Toned
Measurements: 34B-26-30
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 123 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Caucasian
Age: 28
Availability: Incalls/Outcalls
1st Language: English
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Long
Body Piercings: Two
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Cute little patch
Tattoos?: Three
Smokes?: MMJ licensed
Porn Star?: No
Likes: Communication, Good Hygiene, Respectful, Fun, Punctual, Music, Milk Chocolate, Fruit, Gift Cards
Dislikes: Poor hygeine, Aggressiveness, Rude behavior, Body odor, Clients who don't show up, Bad manners, Negotiating
Accept Credit Cards: Cash, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cashapp, Google Wallet, Visa Gift Card
Available to: Men

Rates and Etiquette


You come to Me

Hour 500

Ninety minutes 700

Two Hours 900

Three 1200

Four 1500

Five 1700

Six 1900

Seven 2000



You Host 

please add 100 (with Sacramento being the exception--then no extra fee)

* I DO still offer video sessions of our date upon request for an additional 100 

* I NO longer offer any Greek or Uranus packages

* At this time the Maxium time is seven (7)hours. After a year plus of [way too much] isolation it simply causes me to much anxiety to do an overnight. I apologize for these updates however I'm all about having fun and hate to stress out over a date.


I accept cash, visa gift cards (with receipt), Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo and Google Wallet which you may either send full amount the day before OR if you prefer to send at the start of our date. 




It is extremely rare to come across some as easy going and down to earth as myself

For me to be carefree I do ask a few things from you;

▪️Screening and or verifying is a must my loves, for me to feel comfortable enough to be in my skin while together. I myself am a very discreet person so I value your respect and delete any personal info. This also makes me extremely happy when I don’t even have to ask, best way to become a favorite 

Click on the menu bar and you’ll find my date/screening profile


▪️When it’s that time for the door to open, placing donation discreetly in plain view. It’s  never sexy to have to ask. 

▪️Please be showered or I ALWAYS offer shower, towels, soaps (unscented and scented)


 If you have any additional questions, please fill out my screening form and then feel free to email me!



Cancellation Policy

Now I am one who can almost always put my feet in others shoes and because there are times when I myself must cancel and reschedule. Life happens and especially when pre-booking we just can't predict the future. So if you must cancel please please let me know as SOON as possible so I may rearrange my schedule. I do not charge a cancellation fee however if you cancel more than once you will be blocked. Now please keep in mind that when I must cancel and reschedule I always offer either to lower the rate OR add extra time and I always uphold my offer. Also if you cancel once and reschedule I may or may not keep your requested date time frame open depending on how late you cancel or if you take after me and offer to send something i.e gift card, deposit, etc. 




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Spoil Me

Spoiling Me

Never forget June 7th for its not only My birthday but The Purple God Prince!

I never ask for gifts or expect anything extra, however to those that would like to send me a gift you may send any package to

Brandi O/DK

3335 Watt Ave, STE B

Unit 293 

Sacramento, CA 95821


Currently sized in Small with most clothes. (Jackets and Hoodies always go Medium) 

Size 8 or 39 for heels

Size 34C natural


My favorite places to shop are fashionnova.com, Buckle, Aldo, Nordstrom, Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Spencer’s.  

Keep in mind my handsome gents that I send a little gift in return of my own to show my appreciation! 

*Don’t forget to remind me or mention my small gift in return!!


If you would like to bring a gift with you for our meeting, I do have a soft spot for milk chocolate or assorted chocolates as well as fresh cut fruit. Beverage wise a cold bottle of water is always greatly appreciated as you can never have too much water! If you'd like to take it up a notch (besides high school was never a big drinker and even more so lately I just don't have the taste for alcohol) however you're more than welcome to bring your choice of drink as I'm only going to sip, if you'd lie, to bring my preference Chardonnay or really any kind of white wine. 








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Simply enter email and a password of your choosing and wait for approval email. Then login and gain access to 100+ extra selfies with a couple hidden gems in between. 


Embark onto the mind of a Gemini ♊️

Who doesn’t love a Gemini? Versatile, witty, charming, and dazzle like a perfectly faceted jewel with keen eye for fashion feeds always looking impeccable. Her general knowledge about nearly everything helps her to contribute to any conversation. However, as she is an air sign, she likes it best when communication moves swiftly, or will likely get bored.

Because of her widely varying interests and ability to carry many conversations at one time, she cannot help but radiate attractiveness. The mere process of integrating all her new information can be a “heady” experience, making nearly everyone seem attractive to!


The master communicators of the Zodiac, Being around a Gemini is like being in another world, one where anything and everything is possible.


Gemini rules the mind, so you can expect the overall focus to shift from material things you can touch and feel to the realm of ideas and thoughts. Just as sometimes our minds move faster than our actual bodies, the pace speeds up and can become a little frenetic. It's a good feeling if you do it right, like the buzz you get after seeing a great movie or going to the art museum, both of which are excellent Gemini season activities!"


Gemini's have an unreserved and young mind curiosity, always asking new questions and quick to adapt to the energy in the room and can be the life of the party or a complete wallflower.


And if you Really want to get into some deep conversations my Moon is in Aires and my Ascendant is in Taurus. Yeah get a load of That combo haha. 



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