Fun Facts... ill add as they come to me


- I workout 5-6 times a week with Yoga 3-4 times a week, but please dont mistake me for a super health nut, whereas I am all about healthy lifestyle- I love to Eat, like I love it; snacks, sweets, bread agh I could not Live without bread or potatoes cooked basically any style.

- Also I am extremely 420 friendly otherwise known as I smoke alot of Weeeed. BUT I also Grow What I smoke! I try to never smoke less than an hour before meeting so unless you also partake you should never be able to notice. 

- My bestie is Coco Chanel or my almost 8 month puppy, so whereas I will always be manicured I no longer get fake nails and keep them short as possible. Frenchies and their big eyes and crazy personalities dont mix with my clumsy fake nail wearing ass So they had to go. Hopefully short nails aren't a deal breaker but if they are, woof woof. - No she will not be traveling with me at this time as I have a trusted puppy sitter so no wet noses in the booty. 

- Born and Raised in Northern lower Michigan or turn your right hand so palm is facing up; up by the middle and index fingers in the middle of nowhere on Lake Huron. Small town girl and even though I could never move back to a small town like that I do still have small town tendencies hopefully only the cute ones though lol

- - End Goal - I'd like to stick my feet all the way into the marijuana and cbd business. 

-Pretty close to my family, moved in 2009 to Arizona; Not a fan of the desert which is why when I visited Cali for the first time I just never left haha. 

-One younger brother by just year and half so we've always remained close and then in Oct 2019 my mother unexpectedly passed away which has had a major impact on me. We weren't always close--I was such a shit head rebel in my teens but as I started to wise up in my Twenties our relationship became a friendship so I lost my mom and best friend that day. If you think I'm any kind of fun you should've seen where who I learned it from haha Capricorn so she was very neat organized had her own cleaning business but Irish and the baby of 9 kids so when there was a party you better believe she was the life of it. I could talk hours about her.